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Cartons of alcohol seized in a government joint operation

  3rd October , 2019 ,       Hits: 124

Kampala, 3rd October 2019 – The Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS), in a joint operation with Uganda Revenue Authority, Ministry of Trade Industry and Cooperatives and the Uganda Police have seized over 400 liters of alcohol packed in bottles less than 200mls, worth 7.4 million shillings in the Kampala City Centre.

Alcohol brands like Lords Blended Malt Whiskey, Royal Circle Whiskey, Legend Whiskey, Mr Doweel’s, Blue Skyz Vodka, Uganda Waragi, Bond 7, Beckam gin, Herdsman blended Whisky, Red Sorghum Whiskey and Twebeleremu Extra gin, packed in 180mls and 100mls bottles were impounded from Divine Traders, Mwebale enterprises and Felix enterprises among others.

Following a cabinet directive issued in 2017, banning consumption and sale of alcohol in sachet and in bottles less than 200mls, manufacturers were given up to 30th March 2019 to seize production while retailers were given up to 31st May 2019 to stop selling the sachets.

Upon expiration of the deadlines, the Minister of Trade Industry and Cooperatives, Hon. Amelia Kyambadde instituted a multi-sectoral task force to enforce the ban, which kicked off with an operation in Kampala City Center.

During the launch of the taskforce in September 2019, the Minister Amelia Kyambadde noted that excessive consumption and abuse of alcohol has detrimental effects on humans, citing effects like mental and behavioral disorders, liver and cardiovascular diseases, injuries, traffic accidents, violence, low productivity, public endangerment and death.

Enforcement of the ban is expected to spread to different parts of Uganda to ensure that alcohol packed in sachets and bottles less than 200mls is totally phased out of the Ugandan market.

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