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Judiciary Launches Utilities,Standards and Wildlife Court.

  29th May , 2017 ,       Hits: 3146

Friday, 26th May 2017. The Judiciary of Uganda officially launched the Utilities,Standard and Wildlife Court at the High Court Gardens.

This specialized court will penalize manufacturers whose goods and products do not conform to the specified Uganda Standards.The court will also prosecute culprits involved in stealing of utilities like power, water,vandalism and killing of wildlife among others.

The court will be housed at Buganda Road Court premises and will roll out to other parts of the country.

The Chief Justice Bart Katureebe presided over the launch of this court and noted in his remarks that the creation of yet another specialized court is a big step in saving the country's economy from offenders who were taking advantage to steal and vandalized government utilities.

Dr. Ben Manyindo, Executive Director UNBS who also represented the institution expressed his appreciation to the Judicial team for the launch of this court. He noted that people are adulterating products without due regard to the health and safety of Ugandans. ‘I carry the voice of consumers in Uganda and that of UNBS to urge the court to be mindful of the health and safety in expediting justice and sending a strong signal to the offenders to resist from importing, manufacturing,selling and distributing goods that are fake,dangerous and substandard that may at times lead to illnesses, lost revenue and at times death and loss of property’ ’he commented.

With the launch of this court, the issue of backlog of cases and delay of court hearings will be eliminated.