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About Uganda Standards

How are Standards Developed?

Standards are developed by bringing together all interested stakeholders such as manufactures, sellers, buyers, users and regulators of a particular material, product, process or service.

Development of Uganda Standards is carried out through Technical Committees. A Technical Committee is established to deliberate on standards in a given field or area and consists of representatives of all interested stakeholders.

Draft Uganda Standards adopted by the Technical Committees are widely circulated to stakeholders and the general public for comments.  Comments received are reviewed and considered before the draft standards are presented to the National Standards Council for declaration as National Standards.


Who initiates the development of a standard?

Standards are developed on a demand basis and the need for a new standard can be initiated by an individual, a manufacturer, or a government institution. A new standard is developed when it is realized that there is a need for the standard. A new type of product might need standardizing. An industrial process might need to be regulated to protect workers or consumers.

The role of UNBS is to manage the processes of standard development using internationally recognized best practices once the need for a new standard has been realized.