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EAC Proficiency Testing Scheme

General Information
Proficiency Testing (PT) is one of the analytical tool laboratories use to benchmark with peers and also demonstrate their competences. PT participation provides a quality assurance tool to laboratories in the region and to compare performance and take necessary remedial action to facilitate improvement, with an aim of producing accurate and reliable test results.

The Bureaux of Standards in the EAC region have been given a mandate to organise Proficiency Testing Schemes as part of the EAC SQMT improvement. In the EAC region, the EAC PT Scheme is an annual activity, with one PT round covering all the matrices in the scheme. The 11th EAC PT round of 2016 which involved matrices of edible vegetable oil & alcoholic beverage (Gin) (provided by Uganda National Bureau of Standards, UNBS), flour and animal feeds (provided by Kenya Bureau of Standards, KEBS) and edible salt, fertilizer, and Honey (provided by Tanzania Bureau of Standards), sugar (provided by Rwanda Bureau of Standards (RSB), and black tea provided by Burundi Bureau of Standards (BBN) was successfully executed and concluded.