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Release Under Seal


  1. The importer or authorized clearing agent applies for Release Under Seal (RUS) of the consignment on the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) E-Portal in consultation with the UNBS officer (s) in-charge of the customs bonded warehouse where the consignment is located. This is done after inspection of the goods and payment of all the relevant fees; administrative fee of USD. 50 in UGX equivalent, PVoC surcharge (if applicable), and testing fees (if applicable).  A BANK GUARANTEE, BANK DRAFT, OR BANKER'S CHEQUE equivalent to 15% of the CIF value of the goods, in favour of Uganda National Bureau of Standards must be presented before approval of the RUS. It must be valid on the day of application for the RUS and remain valid for a period of at least six (6) months.
  2. The proposed storage facility for the said goods is then inspected to ascertain suitability for the RUS. It must be securable, and sealable.
  3. When the store is found to be suitable for the RUS, authorization is given for the RUS and the goods will then be released under seal to the inspected store where the said goods are offloaded and thereafter the goods confined in the store under the UNBS seal awaiting laboratory results to guide on the way forward.
  4. The goods must remain confined in this store under the UNBS seal until the query is resolved.
  5. When the goods pass laboratory tests, they will be cleared for consumption/use on the Uganda market and the bank guarantee, bank draft, or banker's cheque will be returned to the importer or authorized clearing agent.
  6. When the goods fail laboratory tests; the bank guarantee, bank draft, or banker's cheque will be retained by the UNBS and presented to the respective bank (s) to receive cash in favour of the UNBS.

  Download   RUS Administrative Directive 24th February 2017


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