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16th January , 2017 : Hits 75
Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) is mandated to enforce standards in the protection of the public against harmful ingredients, dangerous components. Pursuant of its mandate, UNBS, on 21st December 2016 seized nine (9) metric tons of cosmetics worth USD 11,325.680 containing hydroquinone, a prohibited ingredient contrary to the requirements of Cosmetics and cosmetic products US: EAS 377:1. The consignment imported by NABCO REMA (U) LTD from Ivory Coast contained the following items; Cream Carotone Cream Maxi Light Body and, Cream Skin Light Body Laboratory analysi..

23rd December , 2016 : Hits 403
Reference is made to the New Vision article on the aforementioned subject matter, in particular, the commentary that bottled water was found to have a lesser concentration of lead (heavy metal) compared to other sources. UNBS wishes to clarify as follows; The bottled water that is certified by UNBS is safe for consumption The article raises a false alarm on bottled water on the Ugandan market. The standard for water provides for maximum permissible lead levels in water of 0.10mg/litre Bottled water that has been certified by UNBS has lead levels of less than 0.01 mg/l far below the..

21st December , 2016 : Hits 350
As stipulated in its mandate, the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) has embarked on verification of electricity meters in a bid to ensure consumer protection and fair trade. This is the latest intervention in the area of measurements that came as a result of the frequent complaints by the consumers of electricity meters in regard to billing. UNBS convened a number of meetings with the stakeholders in the drafting of the enabling regulation until 2015 when it was enacted. The applicable regulation is the Statutory Instruments 2015 No.69 Weights and Measures (Electricity meters) R..

21st December , 2016 : Hits 158
Introduction : Surveillance is an activity under Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) focusing on eliminating substandard products from the market and ensuring that product traded on Ugandan Market meet requirements of relevant compulsory standards. To achieve this and appreciating that there are limited resources, a segmentation approach was adopted starting in July 2016. This was intended to identify sectors and cause an impact on the market sector by sector. This has helped to avoid spreading resources wide and focus on a specific sector to achieve tangible results. Indeed this has..

UNBS authorises 5 Laboratories to Increase Testing Capacity
8th December , 2016 : Hits 420
After a series of assessment, the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) has recognised 5 laboratories to provide product testing services aimed at easing doing business in Uganda. This implies that the laboratories are competent to test and issue results that may be used by UNBS in product certification and its other regulatory activities in a bid to reduce the workload in the institution’s laboratories and consequently making trade faster and smoother. The move is in line with the UNBS Laboratory Recognition Scheme established to ensure that laboratories outside UNBS scope or..

Response to Red Pepper Newspaper article
2nd December , 2016 : Hits 447
Reference made to the Red Pepper Newspaper article dated 30th November 2016 titled, “UNBS Probed in Fake Water Saga” UNBS wishes to inform the public as follows; Following complaints from Members of Parliament (MPs) sitting on the Equal Opportunities committee about the quality of Blue Wave bottled mineral water, UNBS suspended production of Blue Wave water to verify the complaint raised. The investigations covers drawing samples from the market and the factory to test for the quality of the water, establishing the root cause of the problem and receiving an undertaking by ..

PRESS RELEASE :  UNBS, Police Arrest Man over Impersonation
29th November , 2016 : Hits 256
In Pursuant of its mandate, the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) in collaboration with Police have arrested a man for posing as a UNBS surveillance officer with the intention of extorting money from Bojje Bushera Factory found in Seeta Bajo. According to the Assistant Superintendent of Police of Seeta Police station Kananura Joshua, Nickson Ceaser Wanderah claimed to be working with UNBS as a surveillance officer who approached the factory and requested for 8 million shillings or elsewhere would recommend for suspension of production of the factory once their products are found no..

1st November , 2016 : Hits 740
Food is essential to life. Humans have evolved to search, produce and handle food in various ways to ensure there is food for life. The food, however, is bound to be contaminated by the environment of origin or the production and handling practices. Standards provide a viable tool for control of food safety threats and also facilitate trade in food.  The adoption and use of international standards give equal opportunity for all countries to trade. As agro-food supply chains continue to extend beyond national boundaries, increasing attention must be given to the impact of food safety st..

​​​​​​​UNBS starts Consultative Meetings in preparation of Enforcement of Compulsory Standards Regulations
20th October , 2016 : Hits 794
PRESS RELEASE:   The Uganda National Bureau of Standards has today held a consultative meeting to collect views from stakeholder in preparation to enforce the compulsory standards regulations that require all goods covered by compulsory standards to be certified and bear the UNBS Quality-Mark (Q-Mark) before they are allowed on the market. The meeting follows the declaration of the Q-Mark as a Distinctive Mark by the National Standards Council (NSC) early this year. This means that it will now be compulsory to affix the Q-Mark on all products with mandatory standards before being..

23rd September , 2016 : Hits 376
Background : UNBS conducted surveillance inspections on 25th July and 1st August 2016 in Matuga, Wakiso District and found out that hardware shops in the area were selling substandard ribbed bars manufactured and distributed by Great Steel Ltd. Further inspections were conducted on 30th August in Masaka and 9th September 2016 in Kasangati. The findings in all inspections indicated that Great Steel Limited was manufacturing and distributing unmarked and underweight ribbed bars on the market contrary to the requirements of US EAS 412-2:2013. These non-conformances among others raise concer..