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UNBS opens state of the art food safety laboratories

  18th December , 2019 ,       Hits: 1859

Kampala, December, 2019 - Uganda National Bureau of Standards has opened state of art food safety laboratories, which will enhance safety and quality of food through testing of foods/food products for adulterants/contaminants and for assessment of product quality and nutritive value.

Speaking at the function of opening of laboratories, the State Minister for Trade, Hon Michael Werikhe said, “Government has prioritized the construction of laboratories which will go a long way in improving the entire food control system in Uganda”

“The impact of unsafe products and services globally is very grave and has severe implications on the health, safety and livelihood of the people. Trade has become much more globalized as well as movement of goods which has increased risk of unsafe products, trade disputes and product recall,” Hon. Werikhe added.

The UNBS Executive Director, Dr. Manyindo revealed that the UNBS laboratories are now internationally accredited which means their results are recognized globally.

“Our labs now act as centres of excellence in training other laboratory practitioners from industry and other government institutions both from Uganda, the EAC region, and many African countries,” Dr. Manyindo added.

The new laboratories will improve the turnaround time in the laboratories, which will further facilitate trade, as well as increase revenue growth that will lead to further development of the country.

UNBS also awarded MSMEs that have been certified over the years and have been consistent in implementing standards and having their products certified companies that have consistently renewed their permits and those that have never been suspended or had products seized for non-conformity.

These included owners of brands like Kaziire drinks, Bessa drinks, Numa flour products, Banna Font Packaged Natural Mineral water, YILDI Lemon Grass Flavoured Black Tea and Denovo bread among others.

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The Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) is a statutory body responsible for developing and promoting standards and quality of products and services to facilitate fair trade, promote local industries and protect consumers.

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