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Certification Analysis for MOGAS Petrol Station

  16th August , 2016 ,       Hits: 2580


On 12th August 2016, UNBS received a complaint on fuel adulteration allegedly from MOGAS Kitumba station in Fort Portal.  

On receiving the alert, UNBS team swung into action for verification. The verification entailed picking samples from the station for testing for quality.

Therefore, the Certificate Of Analysis report No. PA/2016/0500 of the fuel obtained from MOGAS Kitumba Fort Portal showed that the products tested were found to be free sediments and water, the distillation volume recovery at 365 (deg.C) results not attained, specification minimum 90.

Explanation to the above

This means that the products tested were light and as a result, they attained the final boiling point at 358 / 357OC making them unable to attain even the expected 365OC as expected to which the minimum volume recovery was to be at least 90v/v. therefore the stature of the result will be ‘Fail’.

The lightness nature of the products is also reflected in their density of 0.8241g/cm3 but give that the product passed the marker concentration with 1.96 / 1.92 ppm; this brings to our knowledge that the product was imported into the country with the stated characteristic and not adulterated within the country.

The possible consequences of such fuels on vehicles are:

a)    The rate of consumption of the fuel of that status will be high given its lightness in nature, the injection of it in the cylinder and consequently its combustion will be high. Therefore in terms of usage, you will be using a lot of it for a lesser mileage. 

b)    The fuel of that nature may not cause defects on diesel automobiles taking into consideration that no water was found in the samples neither the storage tanks at the station.

This Therefore means that the fuel from MOGAS - Kitumba petrol station in Fort Portalpassed quality requirement, dispelling the allegations levied against the station that the fuel from the petrol station is adulterated.