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Ms. Leatitiah Namubiru

( Manager Legal Metrology )

Ms. Leatitiah Namubiru is the Manager Legal Metrology at UNBS where she is responsible for implementation of the Weights and Measures Act Cap 103 with related amendments and subsidiary legislations. Her role is to guarantee correct measurements in areas of public interest such as trade, health, environment and safety.

She is a first class graduate of Makerere University and holds a Master of Science degree in Food Science and Technology. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Food safety at Makerere University. She also has a postgraduate training in food microbiology from University of Pretoria.

Before joining UNBS, she worked several food-manufacturing industries. She has 13 years' experience in Quality control and Quality assurance, Environment, Health and Safety compliance review, Noise and Vibrations level assessment and management. She is a certified auditor in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Since joining UNBS in 2016, she has worked in different capacities as a Senior Inspector - Compliance and Quality Assurance and Principal Inspector In charge of National Inspection. She also undertook various assignments including systems audits and rolling out of risk management in the imports inspection department.