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Dr. Leatitiah Namubiru

( Manager Imports Inspection Department )

Dr. Leatitiah Namubiru is the Manager Imports Inspection at UNBS where she is responsible for implementation of the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (Inspection and Clearance of Imports) regulations 2021. Her role is to ensure that all imports with mandatory standards conform to the standard requirements so as  to protect the health and safety of all consumers; and the environment against dangerous and sub-standard products.

She is a first class graduate of Makerere University and holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Food Science and Technology. She also has a postgraduate training in Food microbiology from University of Pretoria. She holds a certificate in Investigations and Prosecution from Law Development Centre and p0sesses good working knowledge of law enforcement.

Before joining UNBS, she worked several food-manufacturing industries. She has 14 years' experience in Quality control and Quality assurance, Environment, Health and Safety compliance review, Noise and Vibrations level assessment and management, risk management and Business Continuity Management Systems. She is a certified auditor in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. She joined UNBS in 2016 and worked in different capacities as the Senior Inspector in charge of compliance and quality assurance and Principal Inspector in charge of National inspection in the imports inspection department.